Muslim Will Preparation in the UAE

End-to-end Will drafting and registration assistance for the UAE’s Muslim expats

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About ADJD Muslim Will Registration

The Abu Dhabi Judicial Department (ADJD) now allows Muslim expats to register their Wills in the UAE. MakemyWill provides comprehensive assistance for remotely registering Muslim Wills from anywhere around the world. The registration for Muslim Wills in the UAE can be done with the ADJD Civil Wills Office. Through these Wills, Muslim expats can now cover assets based in any of the UAE’s seven (7) emirates. Moreover, Muslim expats can now designate beneficiaries and name guardians for their minor children.

Benefits of Muslim Will Registration


  • Opt out of Shariah Law
  • Select your beneficiaries
  • Appoint guardians for your minor children
  • Shorter probate process

How it Works?

A simple 3-step procedure to prepare your Will:

step 1

Step 1

Customized quotation as per your Will writing option

step 2

Step 2

Drafting and finalization of your Will

step 3

Step 3

Online registration of your Will


Receive a personalized quote for the preparation and registration of your Muslim Will.

Starting fromAED 7,000AED 2,999

Why Muslim Expats Should Register a Will in the UAE?
step 1

Opt out of Shariah Law

As a Muslim expat, you can now avoid the application of Shariah Law for the distribution of your assets. You can also opt for your home country law to govern the distribution of your assets.

step 2

Select your beneficiaries

You can choose your beneficiaries and determine their share. Moreover, you no longer need to obtain consent letters from your legal heir to distribute your assets the way you want to.

step 3

Appoint guardians for your minor children

With a Will, Muslim expats can appoint a guardian of their choice (subject to a few specific exceptions) for their minor. The guardian will be responsible for the child’s financial security and will make all major decisions in the best interest of the child.

step 4

Shorter probate process

With a registered Will in the UAE, Muslim expats can make it easier for their loved ones to inherit the assets they leave behind. A registered Muslim Will means a shorter probate process thus saving time and money for your loved ones.

Who Can Register a Muslim Will in the UAE?
Any Muslim expat who is at least 21 years old and owns assets in the UAE can register a Will in the UAE. It must be noted that the person making the Will need not be a UAE resident. A Muslim Will can be made and registered without a valid Emirates ID.
What Assets Can be Covered Under a Muslim Will in the UAE?
A Muslim Will registered at the ADJD will cover your assets based anywhere in the UAE.
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