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Can Muslim expats register a Will in the UAE?
Yes, Muslim expats can register Wills at the ADJD (Abu Dhabi Judicial Department) through the Civil Family Court (ADJD Civil Wills Office).
Can Muslim expats choose their beneficiaries (individuals entitled to inherit their assets)?
Yes, Muslim expats are now free to choose who inherits their assets and the share they can inherit.
Can a Will registered in Abu Dhabi cover my assets based in Dubai or any other emirate?
Yes, an Abu Dhabi Will covers assets located anywhere in the UAE, including future assets.
How is a Mirror Will different from a Single Will?
Mirror Wills are essentially two (2) separate Single Wills with almost identical provisions. These Wills are ideal for couples having either shared or separate assets. In a Mirror Will, the content of each spouse's Will “mirrors” the content of the other spouse's Will.
Can a beneficiary of a Will be appointed as the executor as well?
Yes, a beneficiary can act as the Will's executor. In fact, it is advisable to designate a beneficiary as the executor.
Do we require witnesses for Will registration in Abu Dhabi?
No, there is no requirement for witnesses in registering a Will in Abu Dhabi. Only the testator i.e., the person making the Will is required to sign and attend a video call to conclude registration.
What documents are required for making a UAE Will?
A valid passport and Emirates ID (if applicable) are the only documents required to make a Will in the UAE.
What is the process for making a Will in the UAE?
Below we have explained the process of making DIFC and Abu Dhabi Wills.
DIFC Wills
We will prepare a Will draft as per your requirements. Once you approve the draft, we will schedule an appointment with DIFC WSC for online registration. The registration can be completed over a video call with a DIFC WSC officer. DIFC Will requires the presence of two (2) witnesses along with the testator. Over the call, the Will shall be electronically signed and witnessed.
Abu Dhabi Wills
Your Will draft will be prepared by a qualified team of lawyers, and upon approval will be translated into Arabic. An appointment for online registration will be scheduled with the ADJD. A signed copy of your Will shall be uploaded on the ADJD’s portal before the video conference call. The testator’s identity will be verified over the call, and the Will is read out. Once the registration process is complete, the registered Will is sent to the email address of the testator.
How is a DIFC Will different from an Abu Dhabi Will?
Asset Coverage
A DIFC Will covers assets based anywhere in the UAE as well as certain foreign jurisdictions. However, an Abu Dhabi Will covers assets based only within the UAE.
A DIFC Will requires the presence of two (2) witnesses during the registration procedure. On the other hand, an Abu Dhabi Will does not require witnesses.
A DIFC Will can be amended after registration by paying a nominal fee. An Abu Dhabi Will has to be re-registered if it needs amendments.
A DIFC Will is registered in English only whereas an Abu Dhabi Will is registered in English as well as Arabic.
How long does it take to make a Will in the UAE?
The entire process of drafting, translation (if applicable), and registration usually takes around 7-10 days.
Do I need to physically visit the DIFC/ADJD office for the Will registration purposes?
Both DIFC and ADJD allow remote registration of Wills over video conference calls. In fact, the entire process of making a UAE Will can be completed from the comfort of your home.
What types of assets can be covered through a UAE Will?
With a UAE Will, you can cover all kinds of assets. Here is a list of examples:
  • Bank accounts
  • Land
  • Residential/commercial property
  • Vehicles
  • Cash
  • Jewellery and other accessories
  • Insurance policies
  • End-of-service benefits
  • Note: The above list is not exhaustive.

What is the cost of making a UAE Will?
MakemyWill offers you the lowest possible price for making a Will in the UAE. Get in touch with us to know the pricing details for DIFC and Abu Dhabi Wills.
Can I make a UAE Will if I am not a resident of the UAE?
Yes, anyone owning assets in the UAE can make a UAE Will. A valid passport is the only document that is required to make a UAE Will.
Can a UAE Will cover assets based in my home country?
With a DIFC Will, it is possible to cover assets based outside the UAE. Whether a DIFC Will is valid in your home country or not is however subject to our legal advice.