Wills in Dubai, UAE
Protect Your Family Today!

Affordable drafting and registration of Wills for expats in Dubai, UAE

Starting fromAED 5,200AED 2,999

Wills in Dubai, UAE
Protect Your Family Today!

Affordable drafting and registration of Wills for expats in Dubai, UAE

Starting fromAED 5,200AED 2,999

Wills in Dubai – An Overview

Wills are important legal documents that specify how a person's assets and properties should be transferred upon his/her demise. Seeking legal advice is essential for creating legally enforceable Wills that allow one to navigate legal issues within the process. The various types of Wills in Dubai are listed below to ensure you have an intricate understanding:

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DIFC Wills

Among the various Wills in Dubai, a DIFC Will is the one that benefits the non-Muslim section. A DIFC Will is a legal document made for the purpose of allowing non-Muslim expatriates who have assets in UAE to specifically determine how their assets (financial, real estate, business etc) would be transferred to their nominated beneficiaries, after their lifetime. The DIFC Wills Service Centre, previously known as the DIFC Wills & Probate Registry, is a specialized facility located within the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC). It offers a comprehensive service for the creation, registration, and execution of Wills. The DIFC Wills and Probate Rules, primarily cater to non-Muslim individuals, providing a clear framework for drafting and updating Wills, covering various assets and guardianship, and ensuring legal clarity and common law principles alignment. Regularly checking the official rules is crucial due to potential revisions and jurisdiction-specific provisions.

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ADJD Wills

ADJD Wills are legal documents that allow individuals to specify how their assets will be distributed after their passing, offering peace of mind and avoiding potential family disputes. These Wills are primarily designed for expatriates residing in the UAE and those with assets in the UAE, whether they are movable or immovable. Abu Dhabi Wills can be registered with the Abu Dhabi judicial department (ADJD)

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Muslim Wills

In the UAE, Muslim expatriates who are at least 21 years old and own assets have the opportunity to register their Wills through the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department (ADJD). This process is accessible from anywhere in the UAE or around the world. When you register a Will with the ADJD, you gain the ability to choose beneficiaries, decide their share of your assets, and appoint a guardian for any minor children. It's crucial to understand that the ADJD is the only jurisdiction that allows Will registrations for Muslims in the UAE.

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Overseas Wills

Overseas Wills are essential for individuals whose assets are based outside UAE. Through Overseas Wills you can safeguard the distribution of your assets located in a foreign country as per your convenience. Every nation has its own legal structure and rules related to inheritance and transfer of assets. Without making a proper Overseas Will, you might be at risk of your estate distribution being disputed.

Why make an Overseas Will?

  • First, they help you be in accordance with the laws and regulations of the foreign nation where your assets are based.
  • You can appoint a guardian or nominal heir as per your choice, safe from other influences.
  • Overseas Wills will provide you with assistance in case of a change in the law of the country where your assets are.
In summary, Wills in Dubai encompass various options, each tailored to specific conditions and situations, be it the DIFC Will for non-Muslim expatriates, Abu Dhabi Wills for general asset distribution, or the ADJD Muslim Wills for Muslim expatriates seeking Will registration in the UAE. Understanding the distinctions and discerning between these options ensures individuals make informed decisions for their estate planning needs.

About Dubai Wills

It is advisable to make a Will to safeguard assets that you own in Dubai, or any other Emirate in the UAE. Taking this step not only guarantees property distribution as per your wishes but also minimizes the possibility of disputes within your family. A Will in Dubai ensures streamlined processing of all legal matters pertaining to inheritance of your assets.

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Some exceptional advantages of our Will writing services in Dubai, UAE:

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Benefit from unlimited draft revisions, as we diligently work with you to finalize your expat Will in Dubai, UAE.

How it Works?

A simple 3-step procedure for making a Will in Dubai, and the rest of UAE:

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Step 1

Customized quotation as per your Will writing option

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Step 2

Drafting and finalization of your Will in Dubai, UAE

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Step 3

Will registration in Dubai or Abu Dhabi

Asset protection with a Will in Dubai

As a destination with a thriving economy, Dubai has always attracted individuals looking to secure lucrative opportunities and build wealth. The tax benefits and the opportunistic ecosystem lure professionals and entrepreneurs who want to ensure financial stability in their lives. If you are one of these people who foresaw the potential returns of living or investing in Dubai, moved here, and gradually accumulated wealth, it is time you safeguard this with a UAE Will.

In Dubai and the rest of the UAE, the mechanism of distributing a deceased individual's assets is governed by the Shariah Law. This means that when an individual passes away, the assets owned by him/her are divided according to this law. Needless to say, this may not always be how the person would have wished. This is why having a Will in Dubai is so crucial.

A UAE Will serves as a robust legal document guaranteeing that individuals’ possessions are disbursed as per their specific desires. If you want a proper plan in place to fulfill your desires concerning asset distribution and protect the interests of your loved ones, a Will in Dubai is a must.

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A Dubai Will for Affairs Beyond Asset Protection

Apart from asset protection, a Will in the UAE allows you to nominate guardians for your minor children. As a legal guardian, the individual will take up the responsibility of raising your child after you pass away. The selected guardian will be accountable for the child’s needs concerning food, education, health care, etc. It is a common misconception that the mother of the child is automatically appointed as the child’s guardian after the father’s death. In fact, a Dubai Will must be written and the mother must be specifically appointed as the guardian of the child.

Interestingly, a registered Will in the UAE allows you to detail provisions for your pets as well. You can name the individuals who will take care of your pets after you pass away. You can also leave behind money to be used by the caretaker for your pets. A Will also entitles you to express your funeral wishes as well. This could include a wish such as the preferred place for your burial.

Registering Wills in Abu Dhabi

The Abu Dhabi Judicial Department (ADJD) is the designated jurisdiction for registering Wills in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. Muslim Wills as well as non-Muslim Wills can be registered here. It must be noted that ADJD Wills need to be drafted in Arabic as well as English languages. Interestingly, a Will prepared in Dubai can be registered here.

Cost of a Will in the UAE

The price of making a Will in Dubai or any other Emirate of the UAE varies on a number of factors. The major factor influencing the pricing is the jurisdiction where it will be registered. Secondly, there are other considerations such as the urgency of the Will, and any additional requirements that need to be accommodated such as witnessing assistance. We encourage you to get in touch with us to know the detailed cost of a Will in the UAE.

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What should you consider while making a Will in Dubai, UAE?

Before you go ahead and create a Will in Dubai, UAE, it is important to consider the following factors:



The DIFC Wills Service Centre and the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department are two of the main jurisdictions for registering Wills in the UAE. It may happen that your Will is written in Dubai or any other Emirate but you can still have it registered at the ADJD. Both the jurisdictions i.e. DIFC Wills Service Centre and the ADJD accept Wills that are written anywhere in the UAE. It is necessary to take into account the key differences between these two jurisdictions.


‘Who should be the main beneficiary of my Will’ is a common question in the mind of anyone looking to write a Will in Dubai. Our lawyers recommend appointing your spouse as the primary beneficiary and your children as the alternate beneficiaries. Also, you are entitled to name any individual as a beneficiary in your Will irrespective of whether the said individual is related to you or not.


A UAE Will is commonly seen merely as an asset protection mechanism. However, most individuals are unaware of the fact that a Will in Dubai and across the UAE, can be used to appoint guardians for your children below the age of 21. A guardian is responsible for looking after your child financially, and making key decisions in his/her life. For those looking to designate guardians for their young ones, it is advisable to nominate the spouse as the primary guardian, and a sibling or parent as the alternate guardian.


An executor is the person to whom you hand over the responsibility of executing your Will. The concerned individual will be accountable for ensuring that your wishes are implemented, and that your assets have been passed on to the right beneficiaries. The executor can be anyone above the age of 21 years. However, if the individual has prior convictions in felony cases, he/she may be considered ineligible for this role. Interestingly, the executor can also be a beneficiary of your Will.


For registering UAE Wills such as a DIFC Will, you may require witnesses during the signing process. To be considered as eligible for witnessing, the individual must be over 21 years of age. Registering a DIFC Will in Dubai mandates the presence of two (2) witnesses.

Miscellaneous Wishes

Besides wishes related to bequeathing assets and appointing guardians for your children, you can add other wishes in your UAE Will. As an example, you can include a wish stating where you would like to have your last rites performed after you pass away. If you have a pet, you can mention the individual who can act as its caretaker in the future.
FAQs About Wills in Dubai
What happens if a person dies without a Will in the UAE?
In the absence of a Will, the assets of a person who has passed away will be disbursed amongst the heirs as per the Shariah Law. Non-Muslims in the UAE have the option to choose the application of their home country's laws for asset distribution.
What happens to a bank account when someone dies in the UAE?
A person’s bank account is frozen with immediate effect upon his/her passing away. The bank account is released after a probate process is conducted by the UAE courts. Through Dubai Wills, the process of probate can be simplified to a great extent.
What is the inheritance law in Dubai?
The inheritance law in Dubai is based on Shariah. When an individual passes away without a Will, the UAE courts apply the Shariah laws to decide the inheritance of assets. By making Wills in Dubai, individuals can opt out of the Shariah law for asset distribution.
How to make a Will in Dubai?
The best course of action for anyone looking to make a Will in the UAE is to reach out to qualified inheritance planning lawyers. A professional Will writing service like MakemyWill can guide you throughout the whole procedure that involves drafting, translation, and registration. With professional assistance, you can seamlessly craft a Will that is guaranteed to be legally valid.
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